Disclosure: this recipe was generated using A.I., and hasn't been tested by a real person yet. For more information, please see the full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

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🤖 Full A.I. Disclaimer

Full disclosure: This recipe was generated using Artificial Intelligence, and hasn't been tested by a real person yet. Turns out, I'm not nor have I ever claimed to be a chef. 🚫👨‍🍳

That said, we'd really like a recipe blogger to verify the recipe. All you have to do is test out the recipe and take photos for each step (smartphone photos work fine, with good lighting), as well as a photo of the final result. No need to write any copy. Just send your tweaks and photos to us, and assuming the photos are helpful to the viewer, we'll gladly feature you on the blog post as the recipe tester.

Yes, this means a do-follow link to your blog, as well as any social media/podcast links you want to promote. As a fellow SEO marketer myself, this is one of the easiest backlinks you'll ever earn. Just sayin'. 😉

That's not all... we plan on uploading hundreds of honey recipes, and you're game to review available as many as you'd like! To make sure you get the added benefit of reviewing multiple recipes, we'll link to a new recipe on your blog for every new recipe you test. That way, not only does your homepage get backlinks, but individual recipes will as well (maybe the recipes you reeeeally want to rank in Google)!

If you want to see what recipes are available for testing... email us at hello@sperryhoney.com.


- Caleb Dueck, Director of Operations at Sperry Honey

P.S. Don't test a recipe until I've verified it's available for testing.