Full disclaimer, this recipe is part of our A.I. recipe experiment.

This recipe was generated by ChatGPT, and is part of our 2024 A.I. Recipe Experiment. We're publishing thousands of A.I.-generated recipes to be tested by the public, in order to test A.I.'s prowess in the kitchen. If you want to participate, test the recipe below, and then rate it out of 5 stars. We'd love to hear your honest feedback, so make the recipe below and let us know how it goes (if you plan on leaving a review, please don't change anything about the recipe).

Of course, because these recipes are generated by artificial intelligence, use your best judgement on this recipe before consumption. For meat recipes, always use a meat thermometer to verify temperatures are safe for consumption. If something doesn't appear safe, don't eat it (and leave a 1 star review). Also, all of the information (prep time, cook time, calories, etc.) are estimated by ChatGPT, so use your best judgement.

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