Where to Buy Beeswax

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We’re here to help you figure out exactly where to buy beeswax. If you’re in the market for some beeswax but don’t know where to start, this post will cover the different options.

How to Find Beeswax Near You

The best way to find beeswax near you is to contact your local apiary (or beekeeper). Beeswax is naturally produced by bees during honey production, and apiaries are often willing to sell their beeswax to you for cheap.

Your local apiaries can be tricky to find, but here are some great resources to get you started.

Local Honey Finder

Bee Culture – Find a Local Beekeeper

A screenshot of localhoneyfinder.org, which can show you where to buy beeswax.

Or, try Googling one of the following. A map with a list of local beekeepers should show up.

“[Your State] + Honey Locator”

“[Your State] + Beekeeper Locator”

“[Your State] + Apiary Locator”

You can also try your local farmer’s market, but you’ll run the risk of finding no beeswax. We recommend using the Local Honey Finder, and then reaching out to the beekeeper.

Where to Buy Beeswax Blocks Online

When buying beeswax online, the best way to support a small apiary or beekeeper is to order from their website or Etsy store. Here are some options we found.

Beeswax Co

Dadant and Sons

Beverly Bees

Roark Acres

Virgin Beeswax Bricks

Sperry Beeswax (hey that’s us!)

The reviews of Sperry Honey's beeswax.

Where to Buy Beeswax Pellets Online

Based on what we found, here are some good options for buying beeswax pellets.

Shop Afro Cosmetics


Bears Beeswax

Mountain Rose Herbs

Lappe’s Bees Supply

Where to Buy Beeswax Candles Online

If you'd like to buy beeswax candles, we recommend Beelite Candles

They specialize in creating high-quality beeswax candles made from pure beeswax, and they support local American beekeepers! In their words:

"Our all-natural and environmentally friendly candles are made from nature's renewable resources, and we are proud to offer a "green" solution for your candle needs."

You can learn more about them here.

Don’t buy on Amazon if possible

Sure, there is a plethora of beeswax for sale on Amazon, often sold by local apiaries. The problem with Amazon, however, is they take a massive cut of a seller’s profits, and don’t let the seller build their own audience (like a newsletter). 

For many small businesses, Amazon is a necessary evil. They view Amazon as a necessity because their product gets an insane amount of viewers. However, they would earn more profit if all of those viewers shopped through their website.

If you want to support a local beeswax seller you found on Amazon, we recommend first seeing if they have a website. Ordering from their website means more from your purchase actually goes to the seller, and Amazon doesn’t take any cut. 

If they don’t have a website, check if they have an Etsy store… Etsy takes a small cut too, but it’s smaller than Amazon. If they don’t have an Etsy store either, bite the bullet and order from them on Amazon.



So there you have it! Check Local Honey Finder to find a local apiary, or order from one of the websites listed above.

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