North Dakota Honey Near You

Here we've made a list of the local honey sellers in North Dakota. The list is organized by zip code, so use your zip code to find the honey nearest to you. If you'd like to add/remove a business or you'd like to add details about your business, feel free to reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page!


Sperry Honey

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Address: 15750 ND-46, Kindred, ND 58051


Buffalo City Bees

Phone Number: +1 701-269-0296

Email Address:

Address: 8173 30th St SE, Jamestown, ND 58401


Dash Apiary

Phone Number: +1 701-899-1966

Email Address:

Address: 11776 73rd St SE, Verona, ND 58490


Touch of Honey

Phone Number: +1 701-254-5455

Email Address:

Address: 8149 US-83, Linton, ND 58552


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