Honey News | Podcast Guest Walk-Through

Hello, Caleb here. My goal with this page is to walk you through the whole podcast process so everything flows smoothly. Please read this carefully so you don't miss anything.

The Steps

1) You’ll schedule your interview on my Calendly. Make sure to select a time when you know you’ll be at your computer, since phone audio can be pretty spotty.

2) I’ll send you a list of questions, just so you have a general feel for how the interview will go. That said, I’ll take a naturally conversational flow over sticky interview questions any day, so I may ask other questions if it makes sense.

 3) When it’s time for the interview, I’ll send you a Riverside invite link, which will have you join a room similar to a Zoom call. Riverside is just the tool I use for recording audio and video. The conversation will be around 30 minutes, but it could go shorter or longer. 

I’ll jump straight into asking questions about the story, and I will send the questions ahead of time once we've confirmed a time for the interview. When we’re at the end of our time, I’ll ask people where they can find the story. Don't be afraid to promote your LinkedIn or Twitter! I'll do a small ad read, and then say goodbye and end the video chat.

4) I'll edit the podcast, and let you know when it’s scheduled to be released. Once the episode is published, I’ll send you the link to the show in case you’d like to share it. Unless we have poor video quality, there's a good chance we'll use this to make some clips for Twitter and LinkedIn, and you're more than welcome to do the same.

Some Post-Interview Notes

  • Delays – I like to be prepared with extra episodes well in advance, often months. This helps me consistently upload the podcast when I’m on vacation or if I’m busy with clients and need a hiatus from interviewing. That said, if your interview doesn’t post for a few weeks or even a month… that’s totally normal. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions: caleb (at) sperryhoney.com.
  • Video – By guesting on the podcast, I’ll assume you’re okay with me posting videos on my social media sometime in the future (whenever I get there). Otherwise, let me know if you don’t want me to use the video, and I won’t.
  • Blog - We'll also be posting the podcast episode on our website with the podcast transcript, which is where we'll link to your story and social media.

Let's Get Started

If you have any questions prior to the interview, just let me know!

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