2022 U.S. Honey Imports vs. Exports (Infographic)

By Sperry Honey

In 2022, the United States imported 205,156 tons of honey, (the most in the world) while only exporting 10,018 tons (21st). For reference, Germany earned the second-place spot with 75,091 tons of imported honey. The United States had a 28.3% share in the world's honey imports, but had only a 1.2% share in exports.

Additionally, the United States has an estimated average honey tariff of 0.3%, tied with Canada for the lowest among nations imposing a honey tariff. For reference, the average honey tariff (among nations who impose a honey tariff) was 19.30%).

A lower tariff leads to more imported honey, as the price to get honey into the United States is obviously lower than the price to get honey into other nations. This low tariff combined with the USA being the world's third largest country leads to the largest honey market in the world.

An infographic showing the tonnage of US honey imports and exports in 2022.


Source: trademap.org