Mark and Becca Sperry

Our Story ❤️

Hello and welcome to Sperry Honey. We're Mark and Becca Sperry, the husband-and-wife operation behind the honey and the beeswax. Mark grew up on our farm, and has been around bees (and honey) his whole life!

Everett Sperry beside a beehive.

90 years in the Bzzz

Our family has been keeping bees since the 1920's. In fact, Mark's grandpa (P. Everett Sperry) was actually a Kansas state representative in the 70’s, writing letters to Congress on behalf of the U.S. honey producer, trying to get better prices for the honey produced here in the USA.

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A New Journey

We created in 2022... starting out we were just trying to sell a bit of beeswax. Our beeswax was really well received, so we thought folks might like the honey too. We rebranded to Sperry Honey, and now our 2023 supply is up for order!

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  • Mark Sperry smiling.

    Mark Sperry


    Mark (who's been beekeeping since he was a kid) loves taking care of the bees and oversees all of the honey production each year. He's a third-generation beekeeper and an expert on bees. Mark also serves as the Southeast Director of the North Dakota Beekeeper's Association.

  • Rebecca Sperry smiling.

    Rebecca Sperry


    Becca first had the idea to put the beeswax for sale online when she saw what Costco was charging for a block. She cleans and filters each beeswax block, and also fulfills every honey and beeswax order herself.

  • Caleb Dueck smiling.

    Caleb Dueck

    Chief Operating Officer

    Caleb manages the website and marketing channels. He also handles all the customer support, monitors both The Honey Forum and The Beeswax Forum. When he's not working on growing Sperry Honey, Caleb designs websites and hits the Florida beaches with his wife and two kiddos.

Mark and Rebecca holding beeswax blocks.

Thank you!

All that to say, we sincerely hope you enjoy our products, and we appreciate you checking out our website. If you have a question or have an issue with your order, feel free to email us at, and we'll do what we can to take care of you.

Best regards,

- The Sperrys