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Our honey is delicious farm honey made on our small mom-and-pop operation. Unlike a lot of honey on the grocery store shelves, we don't add corn syrup or sweeteners just to cut costs. Every Sperry Honey bottle is 100% natural honey, made on our small North Dakota farm.

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The Sperrys have been beekeeping since the 1920's, and all our pure honey is produced on our small farm near Fargo. Mark and Becca Sperry work hard to make sure every bottle is up to standard. Thanks for stopping by our store!

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The Problem with "Pure" Honey in America

Caleb Dueck

By Caleb Dueck | April 10, 2024

The honey you buy on the shelf at the grocery store?

If it was imported from another country, there's a decent chance that it's not actually 100% pure honey.

Here's the thing... The FDA obviously has its own guidelines for U.S. honey.

For imported honey, however, the FDA just sort of takes that country's regulation at its word.

In other words, if an importer is claiming its honey to be 100%, as long as the importing country's regulation approves, that importer gets a pass from the FDA to put "100% Pure Honey" on the bottle.

Because of these loose regulations, there's a well documented history of importers using fillers to dilute their product and lower costs.

The problem often stems from the honey not originating from where it claims to originate.

For example, a large amount of honey is produced in China every year.

Many Chinese honey exporters have added fillers, like corn syrup to dilute the product and lower their costs.

As the regulations increased, they would ship their honey through other countries first before exporting it to America, so they could fly under the FDA's radar.

This happens all the time, and sadly the more regulations put in place, the more people find a way around it.

We’re not saying all the honey on the shelf is lying to you, but you’re certainly less likely to run into adulterated honey when you buy from a honey seller that’s 100% US-based.

If you want more info on the honey issue, the Netflix series "Rotten" (episode: "Lawyers, Guns & Honey") explains it in more detail. Forbes, Vice, and Business Insider have all written great stories as well.

But here's the important part: you can definitely tell the difference in the taste as well.

Cheaper, more diluted honey will obviously have a weaker, less flavorful (and less sweet) taste.

100% U.S. Grade A honey, on the other hand, will have a much more flavorful taste.

All of our clover honey is 100% pure honey, and it's produced right here on our North Dakota farm.

We've been beekeeping since the 1920's, and Mark Sperry currently oversees every aspect of the operation.

We're proud to make pure honey because if you ask us, there's no other way to do it.

It's pretty affordable too, especially since we're trying to get the word out about the website.

Anyways, we just wanted to let you know more about us, and raise a bit of awareness towards America's fake honey "fiasco".

Also, now you'll know why our honey tastes so much better ;)

The more you know.


- Caleb Dueck, Chief Operating Officer at Sperry Honey

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