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What is Beeswax?

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Well, it's actually a secretion, a glandular secretion of honeybees. They have wax glands that when foraging conditions are good, nectar is available in abundance. Bees of a certain age class produce wax from these glands and this wax is used to build the structure of the comb. That hexagonal structure that everyone is familiar with. So bees have engineering abilities. They take these… the wax is secreted in like little scales… and they mold them and build the comb. So they construct the base of their home. The ability to store their food nectar and pollen takes place in these constructed cells. The whole life cycle from egg to larva to puppa takes place in those wax cells. And so it's a byproduct of their natural biology, which is quite fascinating. They have these abilities of manufacturing wax within their bodies and then molding it into this highly efficient hexagonal design. Very efficient on space utilization. That's what beeswax is. It's actually a granular secretion from the bees and its physical properties.


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