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Is Honey Better Than Sugar?

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It depends what you mean by better. Honey has a lot more healthy stuff than refined sugar, like antioxidants and nutrients. Sugar is linked to a lot of heart problems and health issues in general. Sugar is cheaper and is more commonly used dishes/baked goods than honey, although honey can be substituted for sugar in baking pretty easily.

Also, companies have been putting sugar in so many foods because it's so addicting and makes us want it more. I don't think enough people talk about sugar's addicting properties. I'm on a 30-day no added sugar challenge (I'm still eating pure honey and pure maple syrup) and for the first few days, I was having mini-withdrawals 😂 if my body literally wants it that bad, it's probably time for me to stop. Everything tastes so much better after I quit sugar too, not sure if that counts for something, but that alone might motivate me enough to keep sugar to a minimum after the 30 days is up. Not exactly how this turned into a no-sugar rant lol, but I'm sticking to pure honey and maple syrup for the foreseeable future.


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