Can Dogs Have Honey? Yes, In Most Cases.

By Caleb Dueck | April 18, 2024

Caleb Dueck

Yes, dogs can safely eat honey, but in moderation. Too much honey can hinder your dog's digestion. Make sure it's pure honey, because fake honey can contain artificial sweeteners and other additives (like high fructose corn syrup), which might be harmful to your dog.

A puppy dog that can't eat honey.

But Not Pups Under One Year

It's important to keep in mind that just like with children, you shouldn't feed honey to a puppy younger than one year. Their body isn't equipped to digest honey yet, and this can lead to botulism. Puppies are particularly vulnerable to botulism due to their immature immune systems and developing digestive systems. This article is a good read to brief yourself on botulism in dogs.

A man making local honey that dogs can eat.

Fake Honey vs. Real Honey

The best way to ensure your honey is pure is to make sure it's not imported. Check the label, and if it doesn't say "Packed in the USA", "Produced in the USA", or something similar, don't give it to your dog. Like I said earlier, imported honey is notorious for containing artificial additives and sweeteners (importers add this to cut costs) that could harm your dog. Either find an online brand that sells 100% pure honey (spoiler alert: we do) or use our directory to find a local honey seller in near you.

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