Kansas Honey Near You

Here we've made a list of the local honey sellers in Kansas. The list is organized by zip code, so use your zip code to find the honey nearest to you. If you'd like to add/remove a business or you'd like to add details about your business, feel free to reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page!


Hillside Honey Apiary

Phone Number: +1 913-773-0157

Email Address: bee@hillsidehoney.com

Address: 531 Dawson St, Easton, KS 66020

Website: http://www.hillsidehoney.com/

Ioway Bee Farm

Phone Number: +1 785-595-3258

Email Address: inquiry@iowas.org

Address: 3345 Thrasher Rd Ofc 400A, White Cloud, KS 66094

Website: https://iowaybeefarm.com/

Self-Service Honey

Phone Number: +1 785-410-1728

Email Address: fromthelandofkansas@ks.gov

Address: 7680 Junietta Rd, Manhattan, KS 66502

Website: https://www.fromthelandofkansas.com/member/green-valley-honey

Cedar Ridge Bees

Phone Number: +1 785-581-4216

Email Address: cedarridgebeehives@gmail.com

Address: 585 N 500 Rd, Overbrook, KS 66524

Website: http://www.cedarridgebees.com/contact/

11th Lane Roastery

Phone Number: +1 620-364-3310

Email Address: 11thlaneroastery@gmail.com

Address: 204 S 4th St, Burlington, KS 66839

Website: https://www.11thlaneroastery.com/

Kelly's Bees

Phone Number: +1 620-794-7312

Email Address: kellysbees2018@yahoo.com

Address: 11 Cottonwood St, Strong City, KS 66869

Website: http://www.kellysbees.net/

Carp’s Bees Local Honey, Beekeeping, & Apiary

Phone Number: +1 513-767-3635

Email Address: carpsbees@gmail.com

Address: 3820 S Linden St, Derby, KS 67037

Website: http://www.carpsbees.com/

Barkman Honey

Phone Number: +1 800-364-6623

Email Address: dhett@barkmanhoney.com

Address: 7075 W 37th St N, Wichita, KS 67205

Website: http://www.barkmanhoney.com/

Butler Bees

Phone Number: +1 319-722-0255

Email Address: butlerbees@gmail.com

Address: 1314 S Seville, Wichita, KS 67209

Website: http://butlerbees.com/

Four and Thirty Farms & Bee Supply

Phone Number: +1 620-290-3139

Email Address: 4and30farms@gmail.com

Address: 1410 River Rd, Lakin, KS 67860

Website: http://www.swksbees.com/

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